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Our Story

From lawyers in love to … fitness studio owners?

Scott and I first met when we were litigating against each other in a big case. Who won? Let’s just say we were both happy with the outcome.

Scott came with two great kids and three years later, we had a son. After a fun and fulfilling law career (a highlight was representing Ozzie Osbourne and his family) I decided to stay home with our baby.

Trading litigation for lactation was a shock. My client was relentless, my hours tripled, and somehow I lost my paid vacation. I had been a journalist before going to law school, so I turned to writing as a way to reclaim some of the real estate between my ears that I had sublet to Big Bird and his pals.

I found a great, supportive writing group, but the hours I spent alone in front of my novel-in-progress felt a lot like shouting into deep space. Getting back into fitness became a way to mingle with grown-ups, claim an hour for myself and reconnect with my body. I tried it all: trapeze, kickboxing, spinning, yoga, dance, rowing, barre. You name it, I was sore from it.

Then a good friend took me to my first Megaformer class. It wasn’t just challenging, it was humbling. The machine looked like a mash-up of a mechanical bull and a leather sleeper sofa. I didn’t understand the lingo the instructor was using. Some of the moves seemed physically impossible. I spent 50 minutes cursing under my breath while my muscles quivered and shook. It took me a week to recover.

Determined to master the Megafomer, I went back. Each time I took class, I saw an improvement in my performance. While the workout never seemed to get any easier, I started to feel stronger. After spending the past five years bemoaning the fact I couldn’t lose the baby weight (and feeling ridiculous that I gave my son’s age as “60 months”) my body began to look stronger, leaner and more toned.

Most importantly, as my body grew stronger, my mind began to open up to new possibilities. I had always wanted to start my own business, but it seemed an overwhelming and terrifying prospect. Suddenly, I felt more powerful and capable. I realized that the Megaformer wasn’t just body-changing, it was life-changing. I began to daydream about a studio of my own.

Step by step, my fantasy became a reality.

Scott, who thankfully kept his day job, has been a steadfast partner. My dream studio has turned into a family adventure. Unbidden, the 13-year-old created an amazing playlist and she’s had the best marketing ideas of anyone I’ve talked with yet. The 8-year-old is the self-appointed head of the Investment Committee. And our 5-year-old wants to be on towels-and-smiles duty to make money for sticker books.

Although we move back and forth between Fairfield County and New York City, if home is where the heart is, this is our home. Thank you for your interest in our studio and our story. It’s our pleasure to welcome you in.

Elise Zealand
Owner and Instructor at CoreMotion Studios