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It’s a simple formula:

Fitness + Nutrition = Optimal Health

Getting the maximum benefits from your CoreMotion workouts requires a commitment to healthy eating. Look, we like a cupcake as much as anyone … maybe more than anyone! … but a strong, healthy body requires the right fuel.

That’s why we’ve brought nutrition services to you!

CoreNutrition Offers

  • Weight Loss/Maintenance
  • Cardiovascular Wellness
  • Pre/Post Natal Nutrition
  • Guidance for Dining Out/Eating on the Go/Travel
  • Nutrition for Sports/Recreational Activities
  • Preparation for Magazine or Television Appearances

Meet Barbara Lincoln

Barbara Lincoln

We couldn’t be more excited to have Barbara Lincoln heading CoreNutrition. Barbara is a Registered Dietitian who specializes in weight loss and healthy eating. Prior to entering private practice, she worked as a dietitian in a medical practice specializing in cardiovascular, kidney disease and fertility. She received her degree in Clinical Nutrition from New York University and completed her dietetic internship at North Shore LIJ Manhasset, NY.

Barbara is an athlete who enjoys training for half and full marathons, CoreMotion (natch), indoor cycling and barre classes. She lives in Westport with her husband and their two young daughters. Barbara doesn't believe in diets but in an overall total healthy lifestyle that includes coffee and dark chocolate daily.

Barbara’s Philosophy:

I believe in educating people about food and teaching them how to prepare food and eat well for a healthy life.

I tailor all plans to fit the client’s lifestyle. This may include dining out, eating on the go, eating for sports/activities or preparing for entertainment industry endeavors. Whenever possible, I include whole, unprocessed foods with high nutritional potential.

I firmly do not believe in fad diets, shakes, or fasts. My personal and professional experience has taught me that nutrition should be a lifestyle, not a diet, and that there are no bad foods, just bad portions.


The Nutrition Quickie, $250

If you’re a little commitment-phobic, it’s okay. Come to CoreNutrition for a single one-hour session for Nutrition 101. Barbara will cover the basics with you and answer your specific questions. Worried about healthy family eating? Wondering about organic versus non-organic? Or maybe you have a specific medical condition? Try a Nutrition Quickie and get on the path to wellness!

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Getting to Know You, Five Sessions, $720

Are you training for an athletic event? Or preparing for the marathon that is parenthood? Are you postpartum and trying to find that pre-baby belly? Or maybe you have a teen who needs some guidance in healthy eating? This package, which includes a one-hour initial consult and four half-hour follow-up sessions, helps Barbara get to know you and your eating habits even better to help you set and achieve your nutritional goals. And it makes a wonderful gift for someone you love.

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Getting Serious, Ten Sessions, $1250

When you really want to commit to a lifestyle change, this is the package for you! Whether you’re six months out from a wedding or contemplating a big life change like starting a family, Barbara will provide you with a one-hour initial consult and nine half-hour follow-up sessions. Her steady support with her signature warmth and focus will help you make and sustain lasting, healthy change!

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We’re Committed, Twenty Sessions, $2,750

If you know you’re going to need a long-term relationship to keep you accountable, this is the package for you. A one-hour initial consult followed by 19 half-hour follow-up sessions will make sure that those healthy changes become your new reality.

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