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Half the battle of starting a new fitness routine is making a commitment. The other half is showing up. And by that, we mean, really showing up. Pat yourself on the back because you’re on your way!

Start off by creating a profile by clicking on "Book A Class". From there, choose a time that works for you. We offer classes in the morning, afternoon and evenings.

Get ready for the best work out of your life. Wear comfy, but form-fitting clothing. You can go barefoot or wear grippy socks (our preferred method for maximum stability and safety). We have socks for sale in the studio. Bring water or buy a bottle at the studio. We also have a water cooler for refills. Please leave chewing gum, strong perfume, and jewelry or other valuables at home. We have small baskets to hold your keys and shoes.

Arrive to class at least 10 minutes early. Please turn off your cell phones. Your instructor will welcome you and give you an intro to the Megaformer.

Class is about to start. You’re on the Megaformer for the first time. Take a deep breath and get ready. CoreMotion is a full-body workout set to great tunes, but the rhythm of class is slow and controlled to achieve effective muscle stimulation. Transitions are cued in advance so you keep moving for maximum cardio burn. Listen to your instructor, not that little voice in your head telling you to mumble an excuse and run.

You did it! Class is over! Did you give it your best effort? Yes? Then stop judging your performance. This workout is tough and regardless of your fitness level, it takes time to master the Megaformer. We see you’re all kinds of sweaty. Towel off with a complimentary towel. We don’t have showers or locker rooms, but you can freshen up with our fab products.

AFTER CLASS: Be kind to yourself. Drink lots of water. You may feel sore for a few days. (After our first class, we had trouble lifting our finger to silence our child.) Come back. Then come back again. We’ll be super psyched to see you and you won’t believe how quickly you’ll feel stronger, leaner and more toned.