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CoreMotion Offers

  • Single class: $36
  • Five-Pack: $165 ($33 per class)
  • Ten Pack: $310 ($31 per class)
  • Twenty Pack: $580 ($29 per class)


Welcome! Become acclimated to the Megaformer and increase your confidence and proficiency in this 50-minute class. You’ll get a total body workout with detailed cues to ensure safe and effective movements. We recommend you take at least three CoreBasic classes before moving on to the open-level CoreMotion classes.

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Get addicted! As you master the Megaformer, you’ll see beautiful tone and increased strength. This 50-minute workout will challenge you physically and mentally as your instructor guides you through a series of intense exercises with rapid transitions and no breaks. (Modifications, yes. Breaks, no.) At the end, you’ll be sweating, shaking and totally exhilarated.

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Bring it! Feeling ready for a challenge? This 40-minute workout is our most intense, with each move designed to ignite all your major muscle groups and keep them on a slow burn for the duration. Find your inner warrior in this highly effective and totally efficient class.

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For teens only! This 50-minute class will help teens gain strength, balance, flexibility and agility without undue stress on young joints. Teens gain confidence as they move through a challenging series of exercises with a focus on safety and proper technique. Great off-season training and total body conditioning with an emphasis on positive self-image and fun! On the teen’s first class, a parent or guardian must be present to sign a release in the studio. (Sorry, no exceptions!)

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