What the heck is CoreMotion?

CoreMotion is the workout that will finally transform your body. It’s challenging, satisfying, and like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

Because the machine we use, the Megaformer, was inspired by the Pilates reformer, some people like to call our workout “Pilates on steroids,” or even “Pilates on crack.” Crack and steroids have no place in a fitness studio, but you get the drift: this is a core-based workout, but one that will have you shaking in places your grandmother never said aloud. Your core will be engaged for the entire duration of the class, but your legs will be wobbling and your arms will be throbbing too. We take each muscle group to effective muscle stimulation.

What does that mean? It means we work you to the point of effective intensity without impact so that you build muscle, increase endurance, change your body composition, find your balance and gain flexibility — all while treating your joints, spine and connective tissue with the loving care they so richly deserve.

What should you expect from your first class? Everyone’s experience is different based on their fitness level and also their capacity for leaving their ego in the bin where we store the boots and purses.

Personally, I am not good at just rolling with a new experience and understanding that I won’t be great at it the first time I try it. During my first Megaformer class, I just wanted to curl up in the fetal position on the carriage and suck my thumb. The second time I tried it, I went in like a Marine and came out like a humbled 40-something. By the third class, I was addicted. By the fourth, I had the brilliant idea that I should open a Megaformer studio in Fairfield.

Understand this: I love spin class. When I clip my shoes into my pedals, I feel like Ironman putting on his suit. I like my seat in the back row with its view of a sea of pumping legs and hearts. It’s a rave on wheels, and honey, I need to rave.

I love dance class too. There’s nothing like learning a new choreography and getting your groove on, making the dance your own and at the same time, being part of an organism bigger than yourself.

Like those kinds of group fitness classes, we have pumping music and synchronized movements. There’s certainly sweat and an increased heart rate. But that’s where the comparisons end, and why CoreMotion is such a great complement to other workouts.

In a CoreMotion class, the movements are slow and deliberate, almost balletic. Form is paramount. The intensity is constant. The key to our workout is the core, the most critical and probably least-understood area of the body. We’re not talking just about the six-pack region. We’re talking about the area from your pelvic floor on the bottom to the diaphragm on top. From the transverse abdominals, internal and external obliques and rectus abdominis in the front to the erector spinae muscles and multifidus in the back. In other words, your trunk, which plays a critical role in all of those great movements you’re making when you’re dancing, spinning, running, swimming, playing tennis, or doing any other activity you love.

We say go for it. Just let us help you do the things you love longer, better, and with fewer injuries. Give us a try. If you don’t like your results, we’ll give you your old body back.
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