Dude, Your Wife Is Stronger Than You: 10 Reasons You Need CoreMotion Now


CoreMotion is unlike any other workout because it’s a challenging, strengthening, cardio workout without any impact on the joints. Here are 10 more reasons to do it. Now.

  1. Muscles. Need we say more? 600 of them, all fired up and working to effective muscle failure to get you fit and toned. You will start asking for the Italian cut. You’ll look great in a white t-shirt. More importantly, you will be stronger. And you need to get stronger, because your wife is in the studio three times a week and she can probably lift you over her head by now.
  2. Bone density. Maybe bones don’t have the same sex appeal as muscles, but when you increase bone density, you decrease the risk of fractures from that Sunday rugby game you’re still in, or the pick-up basketball habit you can’t drop.
  3. The Afterburn. Our slow controlled movements with minimal rest between sets keeps your heart rate up to maximize excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). This metabolic boost is even greater in the beginning, giving you an awesome jumpstart to your sleek new physique.
  4. Up your game. Our workout constantly challenges your core stability, which teaches your body how to react in sports performance or any situation that requires a quick reaction. Improve your golf game, streak to the top of those paddle tennis rankings. You won’t believe how much you can increase your athleticism with core stabilization.
  5. Live longer. Cardio fitness combats heart disease, stroke, obesity and diabetes.
  6. Get a promotion. A workout during the day like our 40-minute HardCore class at noon amps up your productivity. You’ll be more focused, less stressed and better at your job—all in less time than it takes to go eat a burrito.
  7. Get high. On endorphins. Exercise reduces anxiety and boosts your mood.
  8. Get tantric. At CoreMotion, you will gain greater flexibility and mobility in your hips, shoulders and inner thighs. Yeah, baby.
  9. Gain endurance. We train slow twitch muscle fibers. These are more efficient at using oxygen to generate fuel for continuous, extended muscle contractions over a long time. In other words, these muscles can go for a long time before they fatigue. Think marathons, long bike rides. (And see tantric, above.)
  10. Your aching back! Prevent back pain and relieve those aches by strengthening and improving the mobility of your back, glutes, hips and thighs. The posture gains you’ll make will put less compression on the back and also help you breathe more easily and efficiently. (Ladies aren’t necessarily turned on by panting. Again, see tantric.)


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