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I was never one to make a New Year’s resolution. Why wait until the New Year to feel guilty about my affinity for champagne and cupcakes? I have a long list of shortcomings and they pop up in my internal calendar regularly.

But I can also see the appeal of a resolution because it’s the grown-up version of a hall pass. The media loves to trumpet the myth of a 7-pound weight gain over the holidays. Imagine, it’s like we’re all strapping a Yorkshire terrier to our midsection and wearing it like a belt over the holidays.

Studies show this is false. For most Americans, average holiday weight gain is one pound. A lousy pound. So what’s the big deal?

The problem is, that pound represents half of what most Americans gain every year through adulthood. Two pounds a year, starting in college, and more if you are obese to begin with. And this is weight most of us never lose.

By our forties, most of us are at least twenty pounds heavier. By our sixties, we’ve gained at least forty pounds. Simple math, but scary. I’m not one to fixate on weight as a number, but steady weight gain in correlation with the constant of aging spells health problems: diabetes, high blood pressure, joint pain, cardiovascular disease, fatty liver disease, stroke, sleep apnea, and some cancers, just to name a few. It’s also a vicious cycle. It’s much easier to avoid weight gain in the first place than to lose the weight. And the more we weigh, the less we feel like doing the very things that can keep our weight in check, like exercising and eating healthily.

Which is why we’re calling for a resolution revolution!

To combat steady weight gain, we need to be conscious of our lifestyle choices. Believe me, I love a treat, whether it’s served in a champagne flute or a fluted muffin cup. But a treat is just that … a treat. A special little celebration. Not dinner.

So this holiday season, we are challenging you to commit to getting healthy now. Exercise regularly and be conscious of the food you put in your mouth. Have a strategy before you go to that cocktail party so that you aren’t mindlessly allowing your glass to be refilled and your hors d’oeuvre intake to reach the dizzying caloric heights to which those pigs-in-a-blanket and mini spanakopita can take you.

We’re here for you over the holidays. Our on-site nutritionist Barbara Lincoln can help you navigate the season in a balanced way that leaves plenty of room for celebration. Our CoreMotion classes not only offer a complete workout in fifty minutes to help you get the fittest, healthiest body of your life, but we’re a great stress reducer. Trust us, your family will survive without you for an hour, and you’ll return to them a happier, better parent, sibling, aunt, uncle or grandparent.

Look for our #resolutionrevolution deals. We’re committed to you. Now it’s your turn.

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